• Ashley Reinke

Beat Rising Covid Grocery Store Prices

The headlines this week kept reporting how supermarket prices are on the rise so I wanted to show 5 tips to help beat the grocery store budget trap!

Tip 1: Avoid eggs

That morning omelet might be a nice treat but save it for the weekend as eggs are reported to have increased 16% in cost. Opt for a grain-based breakfast such as oatmeal then amp up the protein with a scoop of peanut butter or protein powder. For $3.99 you can purchase Quaker Ready Oats which contains 30 servings!

Tip 2: Stock up on the discounts

Luckily most of our supermarket shelves are looking close to normal again, so if you find a good deal on pasta or beans then make sure to buy in bulk. The average box of Barilla runs around $1.29 which yields around 6-8 servings. Amp up the veggies by including some frozen peas and carrots or tossing cooled noodles into a pasta salad.

Tip 3: Buy generic

Food does not discriminate based on the brand name. if you are considered about a brand name of rice vs. a generic brand then double-check the label but often they contain the same ingredients. Just by switching to a generic salad dressing you can save up to $6.00!

Tip 4: Shop local

Shopping at local farmer's markets is not only good for the community but it also helps your wallet. Farmer's market prices are also less than supermarkets and the quality of the food is higher. Right now cauliflower, corn, broccoli, and fresh cherries are all in season and make a great addition to any meal.

Tip 5: Avoid Ready-Made Meals

While those frozen meals may look appealing on the box they are often only packaged with one serving and can cost up to $10.00! Instead of buy, the pre-made macaroni salad find similar ingredients to quickly whip up your own. Not only will you get more bang for your buck but you can also add all of your favorite ingredients.. hello jalapeño macaroni salad!

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